Be the leading provider of quality furniture solutions that inspire the way people live and enhance the beauty and functionality of any space. 


To create wooden furniture products that meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers.

To leverage the latest design and manufacturing technologies, while maintaining a strong commitment to quality, affordability, and customer service.

 Core Values 
Customer Satisfaction 


15 years of reliability

Rub-Le Babu aka Mr. Shameer Babu Karumannil's interest in the furniture sector started from his uncle's furniture manufacturing unit when he was studying in the 8th standard. When that passion and vibe grew along with him, Rub-Le became a reality and a leading brand. From a humble start in 2007 in a 300 square feet rented building, Rub-Le has grown into the largest wooden furniture manufacturing unit in Kerala today. 


300+                                         30000+  

employment opportunities                                                          reliable customers

Rub-Le has grown from a single entity to Rub-Le Group, it has four sister concerns today namely, Rub-Le Industries, Rub-Le Furniture, Intro Furniture and Yizi-Le Furniture. Shameer Babu, who had grown up by working in various sections of his uncle's furniture establishments, today employs more than 300 people in his Rub-Le Group. Rub-Le is getting 35,000 to 40,000 custom- ers from South Indian states like Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh every year.

Chasing the Passion

Shameer Babu, the son of Adattil Mammu Haji's daughter lyathutti and Karumannil Hassan of Chankuvetti Kund in Kottakkal, grew up under the care of his uncles and grandfather. When he was studying in the 8th standard, he joined his uncle's furniture manufacturing unit as a part time worker. After schooling, he joined there as a worker and supervisor in all the departments for about seven years. When his relatives tried to take him to the Middle East, he was not willing to leave his long-cherished dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Keeping the dream of owning his own business in heart, he continued with his uncle's business and take up various responsibilities like show- room in-charge in 2002 and opening a new showroom in 2004.

Own Initiative

After the marriage in 2004, his wife Mrs. Naseehat was also with his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. So, resigned from his uncle's firm and pursued the dream he had been nurturing for more than 12 years. Initially ventured by hiring an existing furniture manufacturing unit. But it did not last for long time. In 2006, he started a small manu- facturing unit with the money from the sale of his wife's ornaments in a rented room with five friends. He had a deep understanding of furniture production but marketing and sales became a concern. But friends who are good at marketing and sales came to the rescue.

Growth Stage 

By 2009, the current unit had to be expanded. In 2012, he purchased land and shifted the factory there. The factory was built on 13,000 square feet. The first retail showroom was opened in 2016. A second showroom was opened in the same year and a third showroom was opened in the following year. During this time, his brother completed his studies and joined the company to help him. 

By 2018, the size of the factory has been increased to 26000 square feet. A warehouse of 15000 square feet has also been prepared. A professional business consultant was also hired at the same time to increase production and sales. Discussed business opportunities with leading companies in India and international brands and still manufactures products under their brand for many leading companies. Construction of a new 115,000 square feet state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with modern technology was started in 2019 and completed 2023. 

Trusted Team 

Shameer Babu says that behind Rub-Le's tremendous success is team work that turns any situation into a business-friendly one. Rub-Le was keen to develop such a bold and bonded team from time to time. What makes Rub-Le different is that it finds new technology from different parts of the world and uses it to make its products in an affordable manner.