You can claim for replacement or return of the items that come under the warranty as offered by Rub-le

Terms of warranty.

  • Subject to the Resolution team's inspection, verification, and confirmation of the manufacturing defect in consultation with the merchant, the item may be repaired or returned during the warranty period. Replacement of the product can be done for the entire item or just the defective portion.
  • The item may only be repaired or returned to the shipping address specified at the time of purchase. 
  • Only when the original product has not been altered or modified will the item be accepted for repair or return.
  • Warranty does not cover the damages caused due to customer negligence

What’s covered?

  • 3 year manufacturer warranty on manufacturing defects; MDF boards are not covered under warranty
  • 5 years warranty for manufacturing defects in wooden framing works only
  • 2 years warranty for MDF, Plywood and Particle board.
  • 1 Year warranty for fabrics and foam wooden polish fading (if not subjected from direct sunlight)

Note: No guarantee for glass and ironmongeries.